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  1. MEFCC In Dubai!
    12 Apr, 2016
    MEFCC In Dubai!
    It was my first time in Dubai!!! What a crazy trip!!! Ok guys, so this was my first time in Dubai, and I was invited to work alongside Geek Fantasy Magazine as one of the Cosplayer Guests for this great con!! It's fifth year running, The Middle East Film and Comic Con is the biggest Comic Convention in the Middle East, and I can see why! Such a well organized event, this con was so much fun! I loved the atmosphere, and the Dubai World Trade Centre was a great venue to hold the event. Alongside
  2. Dale Energy BTS VIdeo!
    12 Apr, 2016
    Dale Energy BTS VIdeo!
    Epic Times In Vegas Hey Everyone!! I wanted to share the BTS of my recent trip to Vegas to shoot with this great Company, Dale Energy! Watch the video I made of my time working them this super fun and energetic company. I can't wait to go back to Vegas and work with them again!! I originally uploaded this video to youtube, make sure you subscribe to my youtube channel for all of my videos!!
  3. Cover shoot Video with Playboy Philippines!
    04 Apr, 2016
    Cover shoot Video with Playboy Philippines!
    Playboy Love!! Hey Everyone! Today I want to share this amazing bts video of our Cover Shoot with Playboy Philippines! We had the most amazing time shooting for Playboy while being in Manila, and it was just so exciting to realize that they had given us a cover!! Check it out below, I know you guys will all love it!!  Thank you!!
  4. Cosplay Fun with Emma Frost
    01 Apr, 2016
    Cosplay Fun with Emma Frost
    So I did a thing...   And that thing is cosplaying  Pheonix 5: Emma Frost! I first got the idea when I planned my third trip back to Manila. And I wanted to shoot something special with Jay Tablante, who is basically the cosplay photography god. With two books out on the subject, Geekology and Geekology 2.0, I really needed to shoot something epic with Jay. I also really wanted to make something myself, and bring it with me to Manila. I started researching, Jay is really into comics, so I
  5. Lightning Photoshoot with AltoVenue!
    30 Mar, 2016
    Lightning Photoshoot with AltoVenue!
    Who loves Final Fantasy 13?! Hey everyone, hope you are all having a wonderful day! Today I wanted to share my complete photo set of Lighting from Final Fantasy 13, I plan on cosplaying more versions of her in the future, as I just love her so much. I shot her original outfit here in Toronto, with my fav cosplay photographer from this area, AltoVenue. We always have so much fun on our shoots, and he produces the most beautiful images! Lightning's character design is easily on of my fav's in the
  6. Playboy Philippines in Boracay!
    23 Mar, 2016
    Playboy Philippines in Boracay!
    Travels to Boracay... With Playboy Philippines This was my second time travelling to Boracay, and I was lucky enough to be brought there with Playboy Philippines! Myself, CJ Sparxx and Rebecca Boggiano are the cover for Playboy Philippines Jan/Feb issue, and to celebrate the new cover we had the chance to spend some amazing time on the beach with our Playboy Family! For anyone thinking of travelling to the Philippines, I would highly suggest you go to Boracay. It's one of the best beaches in
  7. Behind The Scenes With Playboy Philippines!
    02 Mar, 2016
    Behind The Scenes With Playboy Philippines!
    During my last Philippines adventure... Myself and my girls had the amazing opportunity to shoot with the Playboy Philippines team, and let me tell you, it was such an amazing shoot! Not only that, but the three of us, CJ Sparxx , Rebecca Boggiano and myself now grace the cover of Playboy Philippines! We had the chance to shoot in a great car shop, and each got to shoot multiple sets with the editorial team! It was a long day, but a very productive and fun one. This is my second
  8. Happy 20th To Pokemon!!!
    29 Feb, 2016
    Happy 20th To Pokemon!!!
    Time for some Pokémon Love!! Hello everyone! As I hope many of you know, Pokémon just celebrated their 20th year! My first thought was... wow I'm getting old aha. Now I never had a Gameboy growing up... so I missed many of the games throughout my childhood, kinda sucked for real, but I have still been very heavily influenced by the series in general! From watching the show, to playing games like Smash Bro's and even fun light games like Pokémon Snap (which was still very epic by the way as a
  9. Zero Suit Samus Photoshoot!
    26 Feb, 2016
    Zero Suit Samus Photoshoot!
    Zero Suit Samus! So excited to share with you all the images from from my shoot with AltoVenue for my Zero Suit Samus! I have a personal love for Samus, I remember when we first found out she was a girl, after years and years of thinking it to be some serious buff guy! Sp epic!, and her being a hot blonde... well I was extra happy, because now it's a breeze for me to cosplay! I had lots of help on this cosplay still though, special thank you to Nathan Deluca, who made the bodysuit for me, and
  10. Charity Night With Kids, Cops, Computers!
    25 Feb, 2016
    Charity Night With Kids, Cops, Computers!
    I love Charity Events!  Myself, Khloe Terae and JR Gallarza had an amazing night supporting The Merry Go Round Chirldren's Foundation! A charity that benefits children in need with their school work by donating HP laptops to the children who need them the most! Held at The Hockey Hall Of Fame, in the core of Toronto, the 3 of us were invited by the organization to this Celebrity Mixer as guests! It was an amazing evening, filled with great food, drinks, and of course speakers to help educate
  11. My Love For Palawan
    18 Nov, 2015
    My Love for Palawan
    I can't tell you how much I love the Philippines, and more so all the amazing destinations the country has to offer. I have been to several islands within the Philippines, including Cebu and Boracay, and this time I had the wonderful chance to visit Palawan. Covered in gorgeous vegetation, and some of the clearest water I've ever had a chance to swim in, Palawan was a site I'll never forget. Along with amazing friends of mine, both CJ Sparxx and Rebecca Boggiano, we got the chance to visit
  12. Playmates Takeover Revel Nightclub
    03 Nov, 2015
    Playmate Party at Revel
    During my recent trip to Manila, we hosted an epic night at Revel Nightclub! Myself and my girls CJ Sparxx and Rebecca Boggiano, had an evening of epic partying and meeting fans of our modelling work! It was so much fun, with epic dj's, amazing decor, and of course a wonderful dinner beforehand and bottles flowing! I love checking out clubs and nightlife in different cities around the world, and I have to say that Manila is one of my favourite cities in the world to go out! People are just so
  13. New York Comic Con Love
    15 Sep, 2015
    NYCC Love
    This was my second year attending NYCC. And let me just say I love this con. Not only is the Venue gorgeous, and with the immensely high ceilings that make it seem so spacious, it's a very well laid out con. Which compared to the SDCC venue, is a wonderful upgrade in my opinion. This year not only did I get to see some amazing friends of mine, but I also got to spend the weekend with Treadwater , a company that I have had the pleasure to work with perhaps a year now.  Treadwater is a
  14. This dress though!
    13 Aug, 2015
    Runway Luxe
    Runway Luxe!! I love this store! Recently when I was in LA, I got the chance to shoot with this company, and check out some amazing new dresses they have in stock, based in both Toronto and LA, I love to visit the stores and grab some new items! Shooting content for them is always fun, and they have dressed me for several events! And I hope many more in the future! It' always great to go in, say hi to the crew and pick a few things up for photoshoots as well! Makes my life that much easier.