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  1. Zelda BOTW Making The Cosplay!
    22 Feb, 2017
    Zelda BOTW Making The Cosplay!
    Ever since the final Trailer was released... For The legend Of Zelda BOTW... I have been obsessed with the new form of Zelda within the game. I spent the last month or so prepping this amazing cosplay. And now the game is just a few days away from release.. I am so excited to share all the amazing content I have for you now.. starting with is video of what it took to mae this cosplay!! ENJOY!!!
  2. Holly The Wolf
    11 Jan, 2017
    Holly The Wolf
    In Studio with Spirit Hoods and mark Yaamon hey babes, a quick post and a awesome look into this amazing shoot i did recently with one of my favourite faux fyr companies. Spirit Hoods. We all know how much I treasure my last name.. and when I saw this coat I told myself that I just had to do a shoot with it. The coat is called grey wolf.. and it is sooo beautiful.. even moreso since no animals are harmed or used for it.  I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I do. Special lthanks to Lace
  3. Con Comics
    28 Dec, 2016
    Con Comics
    Con Comics in Mexico! Hey guys!! Today I wanted to share with you some photos and my video form this epic event!! I had such a fun time at this con.. the people of Mexico are so amazing and I can't wait to head back here for another con one day!! Thank you to this wonderful con and organization who treated me so well. They are so wonderful to their guests and I felt so secure and welcomed.  Here are some photos as well so you can also have a look into the con with stills!!! ahaha and of
  4. New York Comic Con 2016 Epic Adventures!!
    17 Oct, 2016
    New York Comic Con 2016 Epic Adventures!!
    NYCC was such a hectic blast this year!! New York Comic Con is easily on of my favorite cons to attend and work at! Why? Well for starters I love the space it is held at, it just works. The flow of the venue is great, it's nice on the eyes, and easy to get around. It may not have the best locations to shoot, which can be it's one main con of the con. HAHA, sorry that made me laugh. But other than the only backdrop for photoshoots being concrete spaces, I actually don't mind it. I try to bring
  5. NYCC with Treadwater! My exclusive Character Design!!
    03 Oct, 2016
    NYCC with Treadwater! My exclusive Character Design!!
    Incoming Challenger: Lillith From Treadwater! This week is going to be amazing, not only is it New York Comic Con, but I get to share the Treadwater space with some amazingly talented people! Myself alongside the great Chad L. Coleman, who is known for his roles in hit TV series The Walking Dead and The Wire, will be at Booth #2314 all weekend long with Treadwater! By now I hope you have all heard of this amazing company! I met Treadwater 3 years ago at New York Comic Con, while passing by
  6. A Playboy Playmate Who Dates Only Asians?? WHAT
    23 Sep, 2016
    A Playboy Playmate Who Dates Only Asians?? WHAT
    So it’s recently been all over the internet, but this has been very true for the past several years (6 or 7 to be exact). The article that started all of this was produced by Nextshark and it got all of the information right…for the most part. I really do like Asians! From the different cultures and people within Asia, to my favourite destinations to revisit over and over again being within Asia…YES, I have a genuine LOVE for many things Asian. BUT, let's get this straight; although I may be
  7. Pre Birthday Celebrations In Bermuda!
    16 Sep, 2016
    Pre Birthday Celebrations In Bermuda!
    With my birthday being a few days away... the 21st of September to be exact... This year I wanted to do something different, simple because for the past 3 years I have visited the same place for my birthday, for a modelling event that was held at the same time every year. So this year, I wanted to do something for myself, and not have to spend a week getting up and putting on pounds and pounds of makeup just to have it sweat off and absorb into my skin 2 hours later. I wanted a real getaway in
  8. My New Chair!! Let the gaming begin :)
    10 Sep, 2016
    My New Chair!! Let the gaming begin :)
    Gaming With E-win Racing! I LOVE TO PLAY VIDEO GAMESSSS!! ahaha this is very true, I hope you all know that, the wonderful people at E-win Racing sent me this EPIC Chair, AND IT IS GREAT!! Of course first off I just wanna say thank you to the people over at, you guys rock! So I have been gaming on my bed-couch thing.. haha and my god my back would be killing me soon after. That or I would sit on my floor and have a pillow under me to game. And same thing.. back issues.
  9. Studio Shoot with Mark Yaamon!!
    12 Aug, 2016
    Studio Shoot with Mark Yaamon!!
    More Runway Luxe  Hey everyone! Not too long ago I got to shoot more photos with Runway Luxe and Mark Yaamon, We shot at this gorgeous Studio Space in Toronto, Called MSMU Studios!. We also did a video which I posted on my Youtube Channel!  I hope you all enjoy these photos, more to come of course!
  10. Cammy Cosplay Photoshoot BTS
    12 Aug, 2016
    Cammy Cosplay Photoshoot BTS
    Behind The Scenes Shooting Cammy Hey everyone!! This week I got to shoot my Bison Cammy Cosplay! SOOO happy with these images.. I JUST got two back from the set of about 8... I can't wait to share of course, for now I will be turning the ones I got into a DUO sided print!! SO MUCH BOOTY!! haha watch my youtube video of this epic shoot... pictures to come soon!! Thank you all!!
  11. Double Trouble with Samus Cosplays!
    06 Aug, 2016
    Double Trouble with Samus Cosplays!
    Who's ready for some sexy Samus action! Thank you Karli Woods! Hey everyone! Not too long ago I  went and shot my two versions of Samus by myself. Of course I am in love with all the images, but of course with the gorgeous Karli Woods asked me to come out and have some fun shooting with her, I thought, hey why don't we shoot both of my Samus cosplays together!!! And it was awesome!! Take a look at my Vlog for the day, edited photos coming  super soon of course!!!!
  12. Zelda at E3
    19 Jun, 2016
    Zelda at E3
    Zelda: Breath Of The Wild Gameplay! Hey Everyone!!! I'd like to share with you my video of my time within the Zelda booth at E3! The booth was stunning, and I got to play for demo, which was 40 minutes!! And also got interviewed by the Nintendo team, and even made it in the Day 2 E3 Daily magazine!! Check out my video below!!
  13. My second year at E3!!!
    19 Jun, 2016
    My second year at E3!!!
    This year was my second year at E3!!... I gotta say this year at E3 was amazing. not only did some serious announcements happen, like the new God Of War.. but some of my favorites games have new titles that will be getting their latest installments out to the public soon. My fav was easily the legend of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild, Nintendo brought it this year with the atmosphere they brought to the Zelda booth. It was breathtaking and fully enclosed you into the world of Hyrule.   I also got
  14. Models Learning Photography LOL
    19 Jun, 2016
    Models Learning Photography LOL
    Hey Everyone!!! Hope you are all doing well! Check out my behind the scenes of myself, Cj and Kim taking it into our own hands and having fun with a camera here in Los Angeles!! We practiced shooting natural light.. and I gotta say the shots are stunning!!!! ENJOY!!
  15. Behind The Scenes Shooting Winry!!
    09 Jun, 2016
    Behind The Scenes Shooting Winry!!
    WHO DOESN'T LOVE FULL METAL ALCHEMIST! Hey Everyone!! yesterday I got to shoot my Winry with the amazing Mark Yaamon! I've got a lot of stuff going on next month with cons, so trying to fit in shoots and everything else is crazy!! Luckily I got to shoot this before I left for E3!! Hope you Enjoy! The photos will be out soon!!!
  16. Geek Fantasy Cover Shoot!!
    30 May, 2016
    Geek Fantasy Cover Shoot!!
    Sailor Moon and Geek Fantasy!! Hey Everyone! I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend!! Today I want to share with you my video of our shoot with Geek Fantasy for the cover of one of their issues!! This shoot was so much fun, and I was so excited to put it together, as when Geek Fantasy first launched, I was the first ever cover for it, in my Captain America Latex cosplay!! I hope you all enjoy this video! And thank you to mark Yaamon who shot the photos, and of course SciFeyeCandy for
  17. My weekend at EGLX
    01 May, 2016
    My weekend at EGLX
    Enthusiast Gaming Expo Live Hey Everyone!! It's May 1st. HURRAY! Ok now that's out of the way, let's talk about EGLX: Enthusiast Gaming Live Expo! This was the first year for this con, and I must say I did enjoy my time there. Myself, and my Gaming Channel Error 404 The Show, and also the Distractional TV Show team came with we as one big Media family to cover this event! Full of live gaming tournaments, this con was a very chaotic but fun one. Hosting live tournament on Twitch and other
  18. Poison Ivy Photo Shoot
    26 Apr, 2016
    Poison Ivy Photo Shoot
    My love for Poison Ivy! Hey Everyone! I hope you are all having a fantastic day!! I wanted to share my Latex Poison Ivy with you today, the full set I took with Mark Yaamon, that is :) I have shot this cosplay a few times, and I always love the photos, she is just sooo sexy, and what better than to have her in Latex right!! Thank you Adala Clothing for making this for me!! It's still one of my fav cosplays to date!! Enjoy!
  19. Middle East Film And Comic Con Video
    17 Apr, 2016
    Middle East Film And Comic Con Video
    MEFCC Recap! Hey everyone!! Check out my video of my time with MEFCC! I loved this con, it was such fun, and so good to see old friends and meet new ones! Please refer to my recent blog post about MEFCC for all the photos I took while there in Dubai!!
  20. Cosplay With Jay Tablante
    17 Apr, 2016
    Cosplay With Jay Tablante
    The God Of Cosplay Photography I am in love, so if you didn't see my full blog on my Emma Frost Pheonix Cosplay progress, please go check it out:) I wanted to do a quick blog today showcasing my two images from Jay Tablante, who shot both my Super Girl Cosplay and my Emma Frost. I am so in love with these images, and so happy to show them off. Easily some of the best Cosplay photos I've ever done.. with the help of Jay and his whole team bringing these characters to life!!  Thank you Jay. I