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  1. A Photography Studio Meets Air BNB with Studio Broadview
    08 Mar, 2019
    A Photography Studio Meets Air BNB with Studio Broadview
    Content Creation Meets Comfort with Studio Broadview Shooting with Max Wong Portraits at a one of a kind Studio in Toronto I am constantly on the lookout for gorgeous studios to shoot at in the city of Toronto. As a model and a cosplayer I am always in need of gorgeous spaces during the winter months, as we can get so much snow in Toronto and it can be quite hard to shoot in gorgeous outdoor locations for half of the year at times. Recently a gorgeous space opened up in the heart of Toronto
  2. Lord have Mercy: Patreon February Valentine's Set
    23 Feb, 2019
    Lord have Mercy: Patreon February Valentine's Set
    This Mercy Cosplay is Love It's the month of love, chocolate and all things red. white and pink. I decided to throw together a little cosplay to celebrate this month of love! I have had this mercy staff lying around for quite some time, and was thinking of painting it for a long time now. So I found a super cute mesh lingerie set and painted the staff to what I thought was fitting! I had to paint the staff in under a day, as I also had other cosplays to work on, I had actually shot 4 separate
  3. Christmas Onesie Cheer with Ugly Christmas Sweaters
    19 Dec, 2018
    Christmas Onesie Cheer with Ugly Christmas Sweaters
    Holiday Cheer With Ugly Christmas Sweater Feat A Christmas Story Bunny Onesie It's the Holiday Season, and there is nothing I like more than cuddling up on a couch with a warm blanket with my family watching holiday movies, drinking a yummy hot drink and relaxing to the heavens. One of my all time favorite movies growing up was A Christmas Story. Ralph is one of the cutest kids, and I would always look forward to watching it after eating a great Christmas meal. I was so happy when I
  4. Sexy Nerd Gear by
    22 May, 2018
    Sexy Nerd Gear by
    Looking Sexy and Stylish with DC Comics in Suit Jackets Hey guys! I don't work at an office, but sometimes I want to look like I do! These jackets are the perfect nerdy accessory to look put together but also express your love for your fandom. The team over at were kind enough to send me two of thier gorgeous work jackets, and not only do the look pretty cool, they are also very comfy and fit well.  Of course I had to put my own spin on these jackets, I paired both with some
  5. Seeing Green in The Bahamas
    25 Mar, 2018
    Seeing Green in The Bahamas
    Seeing Green Baby! Happy day everyone! I wanted to share with you some of these gorgeous images that I took in the Bahamas with my epic photog friend Mark Yaamon, who is the absolute best! I got all these gorgeous bikinis from this really great site, and decided to shoot several of them while with Mark in this gorgeous location!  Thank you so much the The International Bikini Model Search for always hosting such wonderful events, I can't wait to hit up more gorgeous locations with my IBMS
  6. Shining With Santis Swiss
    24 Mar, 2018
    Shining With Santis Swiss
    Skincare at it's Finest. Recently I got to try some of the most gorgeous looking products from a new skincare line I've encountered called Santis Skincare. Not only is the packaging stunning and gorgeous to look at, it's a vegan line, which is something I am looking for in my cosmetics and skincare. I have a strong belief that our skin does better with natural and plant based remedies than animal bi products, and it is so fresh to see more beauty and skincare lines stepping in this direction.
  7. Hosting At Figures For Toronto Comic Con
    14 Mar, 2018
    Hosting At Figures For Toronto Comic Con
    Figures Toronto Catch me this weekend as I host an epic after party to celebrate myself being a guest at Toronto Comic Con! I can't wait to see everyone this Saturday as I host at this nerdy upscale venue! I will also be trying out thier menu and posting on my IG story and Patreon lens throughout the evening, so don't forget to follow me!  I hope to see you all there, let's party, dance and have a good time!  I will be at Toronto Comic Con all weekend in cosplay! Come see me at booth 54, I
  8. Glowing in The Bahamas With IBMS
    11 Feb, 2018
    Glowing in The Bahamas With IBMS
    I love The Bahamas,  Recently I got to travel to this gorgeous country with The International Bikini Model Search. It was such a lovely time and I got to take so many photos, both bikinis and sets where I shot cosplay bikinis! It has become such a fun thing to do; shooting bikini versions of characters that I love! I'll be sharing those sets later, but for now I wanted to share these stunning images that Mark Yaamon too of me in on of the prettiest bikinis I have been able to wear during a
  9. Nude Goals In The City of Lights!
    01 Feb, 2018
    Nude Goals In The City of Lights!
    Vegas with my Girls! I am so in love with these photos! I had such a great time in Vegas with my Playboy Family, it was such a great weekend and I loved dressing up to the 9's and looking all fancy. It had been a while since I have done this!  I've been at home for weeks playing video games and streaming, so to get all dolled up again felt great, and I loved seeing all my girls! I can't wait to show you my vlog from the weekend, but for now here are the photos from the first night! Love you
  10. Thank You January Patrons!
    01 Feb, 2018
    Thank You January Patrons!
    What an amazing January 2018 Hey babes! I just wanted to make a quick blog post saying how thankful I am to Patreon... this site has really changed the way a lot of content creators work, and I am so so happy it exists. To be able to create amazing photoshoots and content for my Patreon Babes without worrying about how to do it, and being able to be stable enough to make such costumes and looks, my god it feels amazing! In the Month of January, I was able to do a super sexy battle damaged
  11. Floral Dreams
    28 Jan, 2018
    Floral Dreams
    Dreaming of Colour This Winter This fall I shot the most gorgeous set here in Toronto. Looking at these images now I am in love with the tones and style of this shoot. I am dreaming of spring again!  Thank you to Max Wong who took these gorgeous images of myself and to SpiritHoods for the perfect jacket to pair with the theme. I can't wait to shoot outside again in the Canadian wildlife, it's one of my fav things to shoot! Toronto has some of the most gorgeous locations to shoot, and luckily
  12. Palazzo With Runway 96
    23 Jan, 2018
    Palazzo With Runway 96
    The City of Sin Vegas has some of the most gorgeous hotels, so why not shoot at them! Myself and Mark Yaamon spent the morning strolling around the Palazzo taking these gorgeous lifestyle images. I would have to say that the shops inside the Venetian and the Palazzo are my favorite places to walk around and shop, so I was trilled to return to these location to grab some photos.  This stunning velvet dress is from Runway 96, and I think it pairs with the scenary perfectly. Matched with my
  13. Fit AF In Vegas Baby!
    12 Jan, 2018
    Fit AF In Vegas Baby!
    I'm Returning To Vegas!  Watch out for my girls cuz we are coming HARD! So the last time I was in Vegas was last September with my amazing IBMS Family. We spent a week in the city of sin shooting amazing sets for magazine pictorials and of course for my own social media and several brands. Myself and Mark Yaamon spent the entire week working hard to get some stunning photos and I am happy to say that several photos from this set with into and article that FHM and I collaborated on!  I feel so
  14. Christmas is Coming To Patreon!
    15 Dec, 2017
    Christmas is Coming To Patreon!
    It's gonna be a Holly Jolly Christmas  Patreon Updates Hey babes! I hope you are all well today and having a wonderful day! I am so excited to announce all the amazing content I have been shooting for my Patreon this month! Don't know what Patreon is? Well it is a support site to help small artists and creators fund thier business's and love of arts.  Myself being a model, I shoot exclusive sets for my Patreon members, shoot extra sexy videos and also create big and epic cosplays with the
  15. Canadian Winter with Noize Original
    11 Dec, 2017
    Canadian Winter with Noize Original
    Winter Is Here.  Noize Original Can keep You Warm. I have been looking for a gorgeous winter coat for some time now. But not just a run of the mill coat that I know will use fur in it's lining and trim. Personally I find no reason to have real fur in my coat, it's cold in Canada, but I don't live in the artic. Fuax fur and faux leather can keep me warm enough I feel! That's where Noize Original comes in. I was in Pacific mall one day when I went into a coat store to ask about vegan jackets. To
  16. JWLS feat Max Wong Potraits
    04 Dec, 2017
    JWLS feat Max Wong Potraits
    JWLS Time Pieces With A Purpose. Photos by Max Wong Potraits Recently I partnered with JWLS to shoot some gorgeous photos, I was gifted one of thier watches, to both examine the quality of the time piece, and also shoot some content for them. I was very impressed. These watches are so gorgeous, and also serve a greater purpose. To quote a section of thier official website "Her name was Julia Marlane Lyons – affectionately nicknamed “Jewels” – and she is the eponymous inspiration for the JWLS
  17. Shooting Rogue in Vancouver with David Ngo
    03 Dec, 2017
    Shooting Rogue in Vancouver with David Ngo
    Rogue From X-Men Featuring Adala Cothing and David Ngo While guesting this year at Vancouver Fan Expo as one of thier cosplay guests, I was lucky enough to get to wear and display my brand new X-men cosplay in partner with Adala Clothing. If you are new to myself and cosplay, as much as I love to create looks and cosplay myself... sometimes it is both easier to commission an artist to speed up the time of cosplay production and also utilize skills that I do not have. That is where Mel from
  18. Fall in Toronto: Spirit Hoods
    27 Nov, 2017
    Fall in Toronto: Spirit Hoods
    Fall in Toronto Featuring Spirit Hoods and Lace Canada Shot my Max Wong Fall has arrived, and I shot so many gorgeous jewel toned sets in the city of Toronto. The tempurature has begun to drop, so lingerie courtesy of Lace Canada needs to be shot in a cozy studio. Spirit Hoods has the perfect throws to keep me warm in the winter though, and they are perfect for photoshoots! Not to mention their fall line of jackets fit marvelously with fall colours.  I hope you feel warm viewing this set, and
  19. Becoming Mystqiue
    02 Nov, 2017
    Becoming Mystqiue
    BECOMING MYSTIQUE This yeah I decided to go all out for both Halloween and the Maxim Halloween Party. So all out that I wanted to become one of my favourite characters from the X-men series. 6 hours of prep and application later, I was off to thre Maxim Halloween Party, but not before a qiuck studio shoot in the finished cosplay!  Watch the behind the scenes video here! And let me know what you thought of the process!  Thank you so much toii Kelton FX for the weeks and weeks of hard work
  20. Birthday Vibes and Glitter Boobs!!
    06 Oct, 2017
    Birthday Vibes and Glitter Boobs!!
    MY BIRTHDAY WAS LIT!  Hey there loves, recently it was my birthday! So I decided to do an epic photo shoot celebration. You can watch the bts video here, my Patreon subscribers got a super sexy version, which included some NSFW vibes closer to the end.  Don't miss this month's sexy video and sign up too if you'd like :)